Supporting Girls at a critical stage

Nigeria Women Basketball Organization USA is a non-profit organization located In the United States of America, that is passionate about providing support and assistance to girls in low-income communities in Nigeria.
Our mission is to reach out to younger girls at a critical stage, strengthening their confidence and give them a sense of courage at a time when society beings to take away their voice, telling them they can’t.


Our Story

At Nigeria Women Basketball Organization USA, we know that poverty,
and harmful cultural traditions often deny girls the ability to
thrive, which can result to younger girls not being able to break the
cycle of intergenerational poverty, and early marriage that will keep
them from not attaining real life goals, quality education, and also
fulfilling/maximizing their full potentials.
We understand that a safe,
healthy passage for younger girls in Nigeria can provide hope, faith,
and restoration again in our communities. To fulfill this mission, there
is a need to ensure that younger girls in our basketball community can
acquire the knowledge, support, and skills required to lead productive
and fulfilling lives.
With this knowledge, the Nigeria Women Basketball Organization USA
has established a non-profit platform that seeks to reduce poverty,
and financial instability in our communities by assisting younger girls
in need. Our goal is to stretch the importance’s of physical, and
emotional well-being of the whole girl when she needs it the most.